An intramuscular injection is used to deliver medication deep into the muscles, which facilitates quick absorption into the bloodstream. Intramuscular injections are used when other delivery methods are unsuitable. For example, if a medication will upset the stomach when taken orally, an intramuscular injection may be a better option.

There are four general locations where intramuscular injections are given.

  • The deltoid muscle, located in the upper arm
  • The vastus lateralis muscle, located on the outer edge of the middle portion of the thigh
  • The ventrogluteal muscle in the hip
  • The dorsogluteal muscles in the buttocks

Brentview Medical Urgent Care is equipped to provide a variety of intramuscular injections. Your physician will decide if an injection is the right treatment for you. Examples of some injectables available at Brentview Medical Urgent Care include the following:

We make every effort to use the smallest needles possible to minimize and eliminate any discomfort associated with injections. Brentview Medical Urgent Care adheres to strict guidelines of cleanliness and sterility with all injections.