History of the Darvish Family in Medicine

Drs. Maurice and Raphael Darvish continue a family tradition of practicing medicine. Dr. Maurice Darvish’s late father, Dr. Nejatollah Darvish, was a Medical Doctor who practiced as a general practitioner from 1940 to 1982. Dr. Nejatollah Darvish attended medical school in Geneva, Switzerland and completed his medical residency in Paris, France. Dr. Maurice Darvish’s late brother, Gideon Darvish M.D., was a well recognized rheumatologist who attended medical school with Maurice at the Université de Bordeaux II in Bordeaux, France. Prior to opening his private practice in Santa Monica, Gideon completed his rheumatology residency at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New York.

The family tradition in medicine now continues at Brentview Medical Urgent Care with a father and son physician team. Currently, there is a small patient base at Brentview Medical Urgent Care who has had 3 generations of the Darvish family treat them as their physician.

Gideon Darvish, M.D.

Nejatollah Darvish, M.D.

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