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Where do I sign up for a COVID test?

Please walk into one of our locations for COVID testing. Our telemedicine platform is being revamped so we are only consulting patients in person at this time. We are working hard to have our telemedicine platform back up soon. There are many safeguards at our clinics to ensure your safety.

What insurances do you accept?

The medical insurances that we accept can be found on Brentview’s Medical insurance page.

What types of COVID testing do you have?

Brentview Medical Urgent Care carries the following types of COVID tests:

    • Rapid PCR tests
    • Traditional PCR tests
    • Rapid antigen tests
    • Rapid antibody tests
    • Antibody tests (IgG & IgM)

Do I have to do a visit with a medical provider to get a COVID swab?

If you are using your insurance, you must have a visit with a medical provider prior to your swab. If you are not using insurance, no consultation is necessary.

Are you seeing patients physically in the clinic for COVID?

Yes. Please come in for an evaluation.

Are you seeing patients via telemedicine?

We are working to bring back our telemedicine platform. This should be active again soon. For now, we are seeing patients only on a walk in basis.

Where do I get swabbed?

We will swab you either in an exam room or outside. You will bring your mask down below your nose (but still covering your mouth) for the test. 

How is the swab performed?

You can either self swab (under direct observation by our staff) or have our staff swab you. Please let our staff know which way you prefer to be swabbed.

Can I still get tested if you are fully booked?

Yes. If insurance-pay testing is fully booked for the day, self-pay tests may still be available.

How long does it take to get a rapid COVID antigen test back?

Around 30 minutes

How long does it take to get a PCR COVID test back?

We have both traditional and rapid PCR tests. For traditional PCR tests, we generally get results back within 24 hours. If you get tested on a Friday or Saturday, it can take as long as 48-72 hours to get results back. This is because outside PCR laboratories are closed on Saturday afternoons and Sundays. We perform rapid PCR tests on site at our clinics with turn around times of around 45 minutes. Rapid PCR tests are self pay tests at our clinics. For more information, please ask a member of our staff.

What is the price of COVID testing outside of insurance?

    • Rapid COVID Antigen Test: $95
    • Rapid COVID PCR Test: $199
    • Traditional COVID PCR Test: $150

To see a full list of our cash prices, please visit our cash price menu.

Can I book a test multiple days in advance?

This is unfortunately not possible. Please walk in on the day of your visit to get in line for your test.

What is the accuracy of the rapid PCR test?

The rapid antigen test has a sensitivity of 84%. 84 out of 100 positive cases return as positive. The accuracy for non-symptomatic cases is low so we recommend PCR testing for patients without symptoms.

What is the most accurate test to detect COVID?

A PCR test. This is highly accurate test for both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients.

Who manufactures your rapid COVID test?

We currently use Abbott and BD rapid antigen tests.

Which outside labs do you use for your PCR testing?

We use the following labs for COVID PCR testing:

When should I get tested?

Right away if your have COVID or cold like symptoms. If you are being tested just due to an exposure, we generally recommend testing a minimum of three to five days post exposure. 

What are the symptoms of COVID?

Since we are currently in a global pandemic, any cough or cold symptom should be considered COVID until proven otherwise. Other COVID symptoms include headache, fever, fatigue, body aches, and loss of taste and smell. Isolate, test, and stay in touch with our medical providers.

What is the incubation period of COVID?

2-14 days