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FAQ for the Employer


Q: Is Brentview Medical in my Medical Provider Netowrk (MPN)?

A:  Yes, most likely. Brentview Medical is approved by most, if not all workers’ compensation Medical Provider Networks. Please call our workers’ comp client service representative to verify your workers’ compensation insurance coverage.


Q: Can I take a tour of Brentview Medical before deciding to use your clinic?

A: Yes, we encourage a scheduled tour and meeting our facility.  Please contact our Worker’s Comp Client Service Representative at (310) 820-0013, or email her at


Q: Where can I find the clinic’s location and operating hours?

A: The Contact Us page of our website has our location, parking instructions and office hours.


Q: How many workers’ compensation clinics does Brentview Medical operate in Los Angeles?

A: Yes. Brentview Medical currently has one location which serves the Greater Los Angeles area. We have easy access from all Los Angeles freeways and public bus transportation. For more information on our Occupational Healthcare Services, please review our Workers’ Compensation page on our website or feel free to call our office and speak with our Workers Compensation Client Services Representative.


Q: How can I obtain treatment authorization forms, emergency and urgent care posters, and additional Brentview Medical materials?

A: For your immediate need, an electronic copy of the Employer Authorization of Treatment Form and the Workplace Poster in both English and Spanish is always available on this web site. For additional materials, our Client Service Representative will be happy to deliver or mail additional supplies of requested items.


Q: What forms should we instruct our employees to bring with them?

A: Employees must bring a completed Employer Authorization of Treatment Form signed by your designated company representative indicating the services to be performed at our clinic. The employee or job candidate must also provide a photo ID, for example, a driver’s license, work badge, or passport.


Q: How long should employees expect to be at Brentview Medical for office visits?

A: Patients with work-related injuries or illnesses will be treated on a walk-in basis with no appointment necessary. Non-urgent injuries/illnesses will be treated within the normal flow of a first-come-first-serve basis. To help reduce wait times, you may call ahead of time to schedule an appointment for your employee as well.


Q: How do I know whether my employee is on light/modified duty or not?

A: We provide direct communication on each claim. We email work statuses immediately to your email address, or we can fax it if you prefer. Our physicians are happy to call after the initial visit as well. We create a custom protocol for each of our employer clients.


Q: Do the physicians and staff at Brentview Medical speak Spanish?

A: Yes, all of our physicians and staff are fluent in Spanish. In addition, our physicians are fluent in French.


Q: Will Brentview Medical provide Physical Therapy services ?

A: Yes, we have a full service Physical Therapy department with a licensed Physical Therapist on site.


Q: How can I learn more about the testing programs for federally regulated programs such as DOT, FAA, etc.?

A: Our Web site contains direct links to many of the federal government’s departments that regulate these types of testing. We encourage you to check out these resources;



Q: What are the qualifications of Quest Diagnostics, the lab used by Brentview Medical?

A: Quest Diagnostics has been providing workplace drug testing services since 1967. It is one of the nation’s most advanced toxicology laboratories and is both SAMHSA certified and CLIA licensed. Performing thousands immunoassay-screening tests per day, as well as hundreds of GC/MS confirmations daily.


Q: Does Brentview Medical perform direct observation urine drug screen collections?

A: Brentview Medical adheres to all federally regulated rules regarding direct observation in defined circumstances, including suspected adulteration.


Q: Is Brentview Medical equipped to do a post-accident alcohol breathalyzer test?

A: Yes, Brentview Medical can give an instant result regarding alcohol intoxication of your employee. Our breathalyzers meet all federal regulations and are very similar to what the California Highway Patrol uses.


Q: Can Brentview Medical set up an on-site flu shot clinic at my company facility?

A: Yes, Brentview Medical set up a variety of on-site services such as flu shot administration. Please call our Client Service Representative for more information.


Q: How long will it take to get drug test results?

A: Drug test results typically take 24 to 48 hours, depending upon the type of test performed, e.g., urine, hair, DOT, etc. If we serve only as the collection site for your drug tests, results are reported back to you directly from your selected Lab/TPA and their result turnaround times may vary.


Q: Are there any special procedures and/or requirements for treating minors at the clinic that we should be aware of before sending in the employee?

A: A parent or legal guardian should accompany the minor. If you are not the legal guardian, you will need a notarized statement signed by a parent or signed by the legal guardian authorizing you to give permission for services and billing, if appropriate.


Q: Whom should I contact to discuss my account billing charges?

A: Feel free to call our billing department for any questions regarding our fee schedule. Our billing staff will be happy to assist you with any billing questions. Alternatively, you can e-mail Brentview Medical’s billing department at


Q: Do you do pre-employment physical exams?

A: Yes, in addition to treating your injured employees, we can screen all of your prospective employees with a physical examination.


Q: How can I set-up an account with Brentview Medical?

A: We would be pleased to immediately set up an account for you. You may call our office and ask to speak with our Client Services Representative.


Q: How can I update the current contact information & Workers Compensation Insurance Company?

A: Call our office and ask to speak with our Client Services Representative. She can assist you with a complete review of your protocols and contact information, and make any necessary updates that you request.