Why Women are More UTI Susceptible

picture2 Why Women are More UTI SusceptibleUrinary Tract Infections, or UTIs typically result when bacteria found in the anus or intestines migrates up into the urethra. Unfortunately, women run a much higher risk than men of accruing UTIs due to their body build. While the male urethra spans the entire length of the penis and, as such, lies far away from the anal opening, a female urethra runs a much shorter distance, and lies much closer topographically to the anus causing easier access for germs. In addition, this anatomical proximity in the female can facilitate germ transfer during sex more easily. Emptying the bladder directly after intercourse can aid this issue. Have a UTI? Facilities like Brentview Medical offer easy solutions when a UTI hits

 Why Women are More UTI Susceptible

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