Where Emergency Care Ends And Urgent Care Centers Begin

If you have ever had a pressing yet not serious medical condition and chose to visit a hospital emergency room you may be upset to know that you probably paid far more out of pocket and like waited much longer. The services rendered by an ER include treatment from physicians who are paid a premium salary to deal with patients experiencing traumatic and life threatening symptoms and conditions around the clock. The ER attends to patients based on the severity of symptoms and if you are experiencing only mild conditions, injuries, or illnesses, you may be shuffled backward several times in order to make way for more critical patients.

There are a number of reasons you might choose to visit an urgent care facility rather than a hospital emergency room. At an urgent care facility like Brentview Medical, serving the Malibu and Santa Monica area, patients are generally not those in critical or serious condition and doctors are able to maintain shorter wait times, while still offering high quality medical care. Patients are seen in the order they arrive or on appointment basis and Brentview Medical strives to keep wait times under 5 minutes for all patients.

Brentview Medical and other urgent care facilities still provide life saving services, but with less traffic they are able to focus on high quality patient care. They also work closely with a large number of insurance providers and health plans, and with patients to utilize almost all insurance, PPOs, Medicare co-pays to make service as affordable as possible.

Although urgent care centers like Brentview Medical are not a new phenomena, many patients have never experienced one and are not sure what to expect. These days urgent care centers are actually becoming and integral part of the medical industry and providing a way for hospitals to stay in business, to keep patients’ wait times reasonable and to keep patients healthy and from breaking the bank. Doctors in the ER rooms of large hospitals know that the ER is not the most affordable and when asked often recommend local urgent care centers when patients are not in critical condition. Urgent care centers allows the patients with simple problems to be seen quickly while keeping the ERs free for patients who seriously need them.

If you are in currently in the Malibu area and are seeking medical attention that is not life threatening, but which still requires prompt attention, contact Brentview Medical to experience the excellent and prompt patient service and to see why America is putting it’s hope in urgent care centers as part of the solution to the struggling medical industry of yesterday.

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