When to Visit a General Practitioner in Beverly Hills

Things have changed in the world of the health care system. People suffering from non-urgent injuries or viruses and infections that are not life threatening should know that they have the option to be seen in an urgent care facility rather than waiting long hours in an emergency room. Choosing an urgent care center rather than an E.R. saves time and money for both patients and medical staffs. Instead of waiting for a physician who is swamped with trauma cases to see you when your condition finally becomes priority, visit Brentview Medical near and one of the Beverly Hills general practitioners can immediately provide medical assistance.

Traditionally, patients have thought to visit general practitioner only for regular preventative care and general non-threatening health problems. But general practitioners can benefit a patient in so many other ways. In the event of a minor accident, a person who has been injured can visit an urgent care center like Brentview Medical for treatment of injuries that are serious but not life threatening. This is a more practical option than going to the ER where doctors are busy attending to patients suffering from any number of severe and life-threatening situations. Because such conditions are not a matter of life and death, a general practitioner is perfectly capable of examining, diagnosing, treating, and prescribing medications.

So what if the condition of the patient is severe?

It’s easy to determine when to bring patients to a physician or ER. If a patient is having trouble breathing or is bleeding excessively then it is best to head off to the nearest hospital. General practitioners also refer patients to appropriate specialists if the situation requires more extensive treatment.

A general practitioner like our Beverly Hills adjacent office works an average of 80 hours per week. Half of the time is spent for solo practice while the rest of the hours are spent practicing in an urgent care clinic. These professionals are very busy so you may need to set for an appointment if you wish to be evaluated by a specific physician. However, if your case is urgent, rest assured that you will be assisted right away when fast treatment is essential. Brentview Medical urgent care is a leading Los Angeles general practice where you will find the best general practitioners in Beverly Hills.

Whether you need urgent care provider, a general practitioner in Beverly Hills or a standard check-up, the professional physicians at Brentview Medical are always ready and eager to help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more.

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