Urgent Care Internist in Los Angeles

One of the many benefits of choosing Brentview Medical as your urgent care facility in Los Angeles is the availability of an internist when you need one, without the wait. Internists are physicians who specialize in internal medicine. The primary focus of an internist is in the prevention and treatment of illnesses in adults. Patients who want to live a long and healthy life can visit an internist on a regular basis. Doing so will ensure that you always know where your health stands and if there is something you can be doing to improve it.

How can internists help you?

As everyone knows, urgent care facilities in Los Angeles are the best place to go when a person needs medical attention for urgent but non life-threatening situations. The possibilities are endless. Patients who experience physical discomfort or unidentified symptoms such as heart pains or stomach discomfort can set an appointment at Brentview Medical to be examined by the resident internists, Dr. Maurice Darvish and Dr. Raphael Darvish.

Patients should not wait until they experience symptoms before seeing a doctor. Ideally, it is always best to catch a condition early and implement preventative care. In any case, if there is a pressing medical condition, the attending physician will conduct a series of assessment and laboratory tests to ensure that any possible preventive approach is applied before the condition worsens or subsequent symptoms develop. It is important to select an urgent care center with an on-site laboratory so that patients are not required to visit a secondary medical facility for further medical services.

An annual physical exam is another great reason to visit Brentview Medical. Every year, patients should undergo a routine checkup to monitor health and check for potential problems. This is another step that can lead to early detection and treatment of potentially progressive conditions. The physicians at Brentview Medical are fully trained internists, but can also provide referrals in the even that a patient needs a specialist for specific conditions.

Our doctors offer observation and care of patients with conditions like diabetes. Patients can receive the newest treatments and learn how to maintain a healthy diet and keep the body active through regular exercise to minimize the effects of such conditions.

Brentview Medical is an urgent care center in Los Angeles that offers the finest facilities and advanced medical technology. The medical team of consists of licensed internists, certified physicians and board-certified nurses all contributing to Brentview Medical’s reputation as on of the most trusted urgent care facilities in Los Angeles.

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