Urgent care for the Beverly Hills area.

Urgent care is for those times when you have an illness or injury that can’t wait for a regular appointment and yet what you need is not serious enough for the emergency room. If you suspect that your injury or illness is serious or life threatening, you need to go immediately to the emergency room.

Urgent care, responds to things like sore throats and fever, stomach aches and flu, minor cuts and rashes, sprains, back pain and muscle injuries, non-life threatening allergic reactions, bladder ear or eye infections and many more medical needs that need to be met on a walk in basis.

Urgent care means that you will get help quickly, at Brentview Medical is a good option for urgent care in Beverly Hills. You won’t be left sitting in a room looking at magazines for hours while you wait for help. You will find that the focus is on you, the patient.

You will have access to well trained, competent compassionate professionals at Brentview Medical who can give you the best urgent care available for Beverly Hills. Our professionals also have access to specialists, when they are needed. If you need longer term care or a referral, we won’t hesitate to get you to the best professional help available. If we can’t diagnose your illness or injury on the spot we will get tests and consultations from other physicians until we know what is causing your problem and can treat you appropriately.

When you come to Brentview Medical for your urgent care needs in Beverly Hills you will find quality care delivered by competent compassionate medical professionals in a pleasant medical setting.

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