Shingles Vaccine

Shingles Vaccine


If you’ve never had shingles, be grateful. If you’ve had them, then you know how intensely painful an outbreak can be.  Shingles, which are caused by the same virus that causes chicken pox, are characterized by unsightly sores, generally on the torso, and blistering pain.  Fortunately, a vaccine for shingles, based on the chicken-pox vaccine, has been developed.

Almost everyone has had chicken pox.  The virus that causes them, varicella-zoster, doesn’t leave the body when the patient is healed, but is dormant in the nerve tissue.  In adults, usually those over the age of 50, it may reemerge as shingles.  The discomfort associated with shingles is a burning sensation for which medicine has provided little relief.

The new vaccine is a souped-up version of the chicken-pox vaccine that has been used on youngsters for the last several years.  Ir’s believed that one inoculation will protect a patient for four years or more.  If you’ve had shingles, the vaccine may lower your chances of another outbreak.  If you are one of the rare adults who is sure that he or she never suffered through chicken pox before, the vaccine against that would probably be a better choice than the shingles vaccine.

To get this vaccine through our clinic, you will get a prescription from your provider. Your pharmacist will dispense the medicine to you and you will bring it to our urgent care for injection.

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