Playing in the Palisades

The Pacific Palisades is one of the most picturesque areas in Los Angeles, with sweeping views of the Pacific ocean. The ideal weather lets tourists and residents enjoy the scenery, riding bikes, hiking, surfing and enjoying a number of physical activities. The South Bay Bicycle Trail lets you speed through the area on wide, paved paths that wind through some of the most beautiful scenery Pacific Palisades has to offer.

But what happens if you take a spill while riding? Your injury isn’t serious, but you still need stitches or want an x-ray? Fortunately, you’re close by one of the best urgent care clinics in the Pacific Palisades area.

So Whatcha Gonna Do?

When you’re out having a good time, you’re not always thinking about the bumps and bruises that might accidentally occur. Showing off for your date while biking — think: ‘hey look, no hands!‘ — skewering your foot on an errant shell at the beach or falling asleep while sunbathing and sustaining serious burns can earn you a trip to the doctor. But what if you’re not near your primary physician? Or you’re not feeling up to waiting hours at the ER to get a few stitches?

Stitches, X-rays and Tetanus Shots, Oh My!

Pacific Palisades doesn’t just have great activities, it also has great urgent care. Some of the great things about an urgent care center include super short wait times, no appointments and all the amenities of a full-service doctor’s office. Need an x-ray or some stitches? No problem! You can walk in and know you’ll be seen in 20 minutes or less. Broken bone or torn ligament? No worries. There is an orthopedic surgeon available as well as world-class physical therapy to keep treating you even after the injury happens.

Go Out and Play Without the Worry

Now that you know you have the ultimate in care when you’re cruising around the Pacific Palisades area, you can have fun without worrying. The Urgent Care Clinic at Brentview medical can patch up your date or take care of your family, taking the stress out of any outing.

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