It’s Time Again: Why It’s Important To Get Flu Shots

Once again it’s September, the kids are off to school, Halloween decorations are popping up, and, even in sunny Brentwood, flu season is just around the corner. Luckily, flu shots are available annually and help to significantly reduce the chances of getting the flu in those who get the vaccine.

The vaccination process works by introducing either dead or weakened viruses into the patient’s body. The immune system then develops antibodies that can be used to fight off future infections. Flu shots are recommended because of how easily flu spreads and the complications it can cause. Each year, between five and twenty percent of Americans get the flu, and 200,000 of them require urgent care from complications. The vaccine itself only occasionally causes mild cold symptoms – a small inconvenience when stacked up against the possibility of missing weeks of work or school while lying in bed with a burning fever. It is also important to remember to get shots every year, because the flu virus continuously mutates into new strains and each annual flu vaccine is only effective against the current version of the flu.

If you live in the West LA area, or general 90049 area, we invite you to come get your immunizations at our Brentwood Medical Clinic, so you can enjoy the holiday season unhindered by the flu.  We wish you a happy and healthy October!

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