Fibromyalgia Los Angeles

Fibromyalgia is just as large of a problem in Los Angeles as it is anywhere in the US, and is characterized by body-wide pain, discomfort and tenderness, in muscles, tendons, joints, and soft tissues. Many of our patients say that because of the intensity of their symptoms it feels as if the bones are affected as well, but there is little evidence either way to support or discredit such a claim. Fibromyalgia has been linked to a number of factors including sleep apnea, headaches, anxiety, depression, and fatigue. Symptoms of fibromyalgia in veterans has lead researchers to question whether the condition may be related to emotional and physical trauma, and other research suggests that patients with fibromyalgia have areas in the brain that react differently to pain stimulus that those of normal patients. Some physicians believe that the condition may result from some form of virus, although none has, as of yet, been identified.

Fibromyalgia is experienced in disproportionately high proportion among women between their twenties and fifties. A number of patients suffering chronic neck or back pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, hypothyroidism, Lyme disease, and sleep disorders often mistake their symptoms for symptoms of fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia can result in memory and concentration problems, irritable bowel syndrome, numbness in the hands and feet, and headaches.

If you have experienced body wide and unexplained pain for more than 3 months our doctors offer tests to help rule out other conditions and to determine if fibromyalgia is indeed at the root of your problems. Because fibromyalgia shares symptoms with a number of other common conditions it is always important to first rule out other similar disorders. From that point our physicians can discuss treatment options with patients that will help manage the symptoms of fibromyalgia both short and long term. The primary goal of treatment is to relieve and manage pain symptoms. Treatment can also include measures such as physical therapy and exercise programs to improve muscle, tendon, and joint condition. Some physicians will also recommend stress relief through massage, or other alternative treatment programs like meditation or yoga.

The experienced physicians at Brentview Medical can provide tests and treatments in the even that you are indeed suffering from the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Contact Dr. Darvish today to schedule an appointment or visit us daily during our normal business hours.

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