Family Practice Doctors

The importance of compassion in healthcare is well known to the best family practice doctors. Far too often when we visit the doctor’s office, we find ourselves waiting for long periods of time with a magazine and then shuffled out almost before we realize the doctor is in front of us. Inevitably, by the time we get home we remember several important questions that we forgot to ask in all the bustle.

This arrangement is unfair to patients and betrays a lack of compassion on the part of some doctors. The family practice doctors at Brentview Medical know that there is a better way. Drs. Maurice and Raphael Darvish, father and son, run Brentview Medical with a commitment to providing service that goes above and beyond. Personal relationships are of the highest importance, which is why multilingual service in English, Spanish, and French is always made available.

From preventative care, such as routine check-ups and vaccinations, to urgent care services, Brentview Medical’s experienced family practice doctors have the needs of you and your loved ones covered. When the unexpected hits, the last thing you need is to be constrained by limited office hours, like the ones that most doctors offer. That’s why Brentview Medical is open Saturdays and after hours by appointment. Walk-in patients are welcome as well, because sometimes there simply isn’t time to make an appointment.

There is no need to settle for impersonal, rote medical care. For a doctor who truly has your and your family’s best interests in heart, contact Brentview Medical by phone at (310) 820-0013.

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