Family Doctor Santa Monica

Healthcare is an important concern for everyone. From preserving and maintaining a state of overall wellbeing, to addressing emergency medical concerns, it is crucial to value and protect your health. There are many aspects to maintaining your health. Having routine check-ups, vaccinations, testing for allergies, seeing medical specialists, blood tests, and emergency care are just some of the necessary aspects of medical care necessary to keep you safe and healthy.

For people looking for a family doctor in Santa Monica, Brentview Medical provides all of these services and more. Run by the father and son team of Drs. Maurice and Raphael Darvish, Brentview Medical is committed to providing more than just the bare minimum of medical services. Brentview Medical values building a personal relationship with patients and their families, in order to provide the best medical care for each individual patient, including multilingual service in English, Spanish and French.

Brentview Medical can provide you with access to a family doctor in Santa Monica who not only emphasizes preventative care, helping you avoid medical problems before you have them, but also is there to treat you when you do get sick. Walk-ins are welcome for patients who need immediate treatment, and physicians are on-call after hours. This kind of attentive and personalized care is what makes Brentview Medical special.

When selecting a healthcare professional in Santa Monica, a family doctor who is personally committed to your health is a wise choice for anyone who wants to be treated with the extra care they deserve, rather than just being another line in an appointment book. Your health is a priority for you, and it should be a priority for your healthcare provider as well. At Brentview Medical, you can expect the attention and professionalism your health and wellbeing deserves.

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