Brentview Medical physicians use electrocardiogram testing, also known as EKG or ECG, to examine your heart’s electrical system. The EKG records various electrical signals as they travel throughout your heart, assessing the patterns among the waves and rhythms to show any irregularities.

A safe and painless procedure, EKG’s require just a few minutes to complete in the office. Twelve to fifteen small electrodes are placed on the chest, arms and legs. The electrode patches detect and conduct the electrical currents of the heart. Once the test is complete, the electrodes are removed and the results are reported to you by a Brentview Medical doctor.

EKG’s are used to detect irregularities in heart rhythm (arrhythmias), problems with heart valves, heart defects, blocked or narrow arteries in the heart (coronary artery disease), whether or not your heart medication is effective, and heart attacks in emergency situations.

The doctors at Brentview Medical Clinic also utilize various other types of cardiac assessment tests to ensure a complete evaluation of the heart. Additional testing includes various blood tests, off-site cardiac blood perfusion studies, and a Holter monitor, which is a tiny battery operated pocket device that is used to record heart rhythms for a full 24 hour period.