Clean Your Ears at an Urgent Care Clinic Near Malibu

Are you having trouble hearing because your ears are clogged? Do you know what to do about your situation? While the wax (cerumen) in your ears can be protective – it can help prevent pathogens from making their way into your ears and damaging your hearing – too much ear wax or an ear wax plug can impede hearing. This condition is known as cerumen impaction, and it is caused when the ear does not self-clean its wax, or if you use a Q-tip and accidentally push wax deeper into your ear. According to PubMed Health, wax blockage is one of the most common causes of hearing loss.

Symptoms of Cerumen Impaction

If wax is a normal part of your ears’ health, then how do you know how much is too much? If you experience an earache, fullness in the ear or you feel like the ear is “plugged,” tinnitus or ringing of the ears or partial hearing loss you might have wax build-up in your ears. Head to your local Urgent Care Clinic in Malibu to get it checked out. The physician will look into your ear using special tools, and look for wax blockage.

Did You Say Urgent Care Clinic?

That’s right. If you live in the Malibu area, your local Urgent Care clinic does more than just treat your acute bronchitis or strep throat. You can stop by for an ear lavage, which can help remove wax build-up safely and effectively. An ear lavage is a process of irrigation, which can flush out the wax and clear your ear canal. This process should be performed by a physician, as you can damage your ear drum if too much pressure is used. Your Malibu Urgent Care clinic can also opt to use a special tool to suction the ear canal, or employ a curette which can scrape out the ear wax.

What Else Can I Do at Urgent Care?

Brentview Medical Urgent Care Clinic located near Malibu is an effective way to receive preventative care for you and your family. Regular health check-ups, OBGYN exams, general vaccinations, allergy tests, blood tests, skin biopsies, stitches, injury repair, physical therapy and more are all available at this facility. No appointments are necessary, your wait time is less than the average doctor’s office and most major insurances are accepted. You receive the best in care from two generations of highly trained physicians with decades of experience treating people of all ages and conditions.

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