Choose an Urgent Care near Malibu

It is scary when a loved one suddenly falls ill. The initial reaction is worry and fear, and we immediately begin to try and think of solutions to help with the pain and symptoms. When the situation is urgent a few questions begin to fly through our heads.

Should I visit an emergency room or an urgent care facility?

Depending on the urgency of the illness or injury we often have to make a quick decision about going to a hospital, a private practice or an urgent care center.

Is there a doctor nearby?

Is there an urgent care in Malibu?

Where is the closest hospital?

The list below can help you determine if you should forgo a private doctor or urgent care center and head directly to an emergency room.

Go to an ER if the patient is experiencing/has/is:

  1. Difficulty in breathing
  2. Excessive blood loss
  3. Deep/open wounds
  4. Slow or irregular heartbeat
  5. Blue or purple skin
  6. Loss of consciousness
  7. Unresponsive or not answering questions
  8. Other life threatening conditions, injuries, or symptoms

If the person is not experiencing any of the above, it is generally safe to opt for an urgent care clinic local to Malibu like Brentview Medical rather than going to an emergency room.

Individuals who are suffering from non-emergency health situations are advised to visit an urgent care center to be given appropriate medical assistance without excessive fees or wait times.

Urgent Care facilities are slowly becoming very popular in the US, which is very good news for patients who require access to faster, more affordable, and more convenient medical services. It is not uncommon to wait for long to see an ER doctor while they attend to patients whose needs are more critical than your own. Keep wait times in mind when you are considering a non-emergency trip to the emergency room.

Patients can call an our office for an appointment with Dr. Darvish or their preferred physician or simply visit without an appointment and be seen shortly by one of the nurses or general practitioners.

The following are a few of the medical services available to patients who choose Brentview Medical as their urgent care provider:

  1. On-site laboratory.
  2. X-Rays.
  3. Urine test.
  4. Blood sample/test.
  5. Ultrasound.
  6. HIV/AIDS test.
  7. Physical therapy.

All things considered, urgent care centers are a reliable and trustworthy option for patients who can survive a short wait. Brentview Medical remains one of the most well-known urgent care providers in the Malibu and West Side areas. Our center strives to offer the finest service for patients experience common medical conditions like the cold and flu, suffering minor trauma, and battling non-life threatening injuries and diseases.

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